Ahn Eun-jin Addressed Fake Dating Rumors With Namkoong Min, “Even My Mom Talked About It”

On January 6th, the channel “knock knock” released a video titled “Gilchae is Here~ Behind the scenes of 9-trophy actress Ahn Eun-jin.”

In this video, Ahn Eun-jin shared, “I became a victim of fake news on YouTube. There was a YouTube video clip claiming we turned from on-screen lovers to real life lovers,” and expressed embarrassment, saying, “I’m really curious how they think that way since he is married.”

ahn eun jin

When asked, “Aren’t you angry?” she said, “I thought we were looking good together as acting partners. But it was amazing that they really thought we were dating.”

Ahn Eun-jin’s mother also asked her about the fake news. Ahn said, “My mom told me that she heard it from someone. She told me that it came out like it’s real.” So I told my mom, “How could they think so? I didn’t feel like I liked it or hated it, but I thought it was amazing.”

ahn eun jin

Ahn Eun-jin confessed, “When I watch a melodrama, I wonder if they (the leads) are really dating too and sometimes I get fantasized because they get along so well. But acting makes me think that work is work. There are so many cases where it’s not like that at all. I once thought, ‘There’s something between them’ while watching a drama alone, but when I asked, it turned out to be not that at all.”

Meanwhile, Ahn Eun-jin quelled the controversy over her acting skills with delicate emotional expressions through her role as Gilchae in the MBC drama “My Dearest” last year and several awards at the 2023 MBC Acting Awards.

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