After Park Min-young’s “Marry My Husband” is Jeon Jong-seo’s first drama “Challenge the title of ‘Rom-com Queen'”

As "Rom-com Queen" Park Min-young nears the end of her tenure, actress Jeon Jong-seo steps up to challenge the title. Can a successful baton pass be achieved?

Park Min-young, known for her roles in romantic comedy works such as “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”, “Her Private Life”, “Forecasting Love and Weather” and “Love in Contract”, has captivated viewers through the drama “Marry My Husband“, where she portrays Kang Ji-won. Choosing “Marry My Husband” marked a shift for Park Min-young towards the revenge drama genre while still retaining elements of romantic comedy.

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After a hiatus of one year and two months, Park Min-young returned by shedding weight to accurately portray a character battling cancer, demonstrating her evolved acting skills with intense gaze, expressions and flawless diction as she marches towards vengeance. Playing the roles of a “Goddess of Revenge” opposite antagonists and a “Romantic Comedy Goddess” with loved ones, Park Min-young has absorbed elements of both the revenge and rom-com genres, earning praise as an even more evolved “Rom-com Queen” as she is going to bid farewell to viewers.

As “Marry My Husband” concludes, it is succeeded by “Wedding Impossible”, a drama portraying a romance involving a chaebol heir and a struggling unknown actress preparing for a fake marriage.

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Of particular interest is Jeon Jong-seo, who makes her first appearance in a drama after debuting in the 2018 film “Burning”. Jeon Jong-seo, known for portraying strong characters in previous works, transitions to a relatively lighter character for her first drama. As the female lead of “Wedding Impossible” following “Marry My Husband”, there is inevitable pressure. Jeon Jong-seo stated, “I haven’t done many rom-coms, and this is my first drama, so I’ll show a different side from what I’ve done before.” She expressed that while she has mostly acted alone in the past, acting opposite male actors like Moon Sang-min helped her become more natural in her performance.

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Director Kwon Young-il expressed confidence in Jeon Jong-seo’s ability to take on the role of a rom-com heroine, citing her broad acting spectrum and the compatibility of her character’s profession with her background as an actress. He anticipated the birth of a new romantic comedy queen.

With Park Min-young passing the torch, Jeon Jong-seo arrives to challenge the title of “Rom-com Queen”. Can Jeon Jong-seo prove herself beyond the potential of a romantic comedy queen in her first drama? Jeon Jong-seo’s first drama, tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Wedding Impossible”, will premiere on Feb 26th at 8:50 PM.

Source: Daum

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