After only 2 months of debut, Jennie surpassed Taeyeon to become the female solo with the most watched MV

“SOLO” officially helped Jennie surpass senior Taeyeon and became the most-watched MV of a female solo artist.

On January 14, Jennie‘s “SOLO” MV officially exceeded 164 million views on YouTube after more than 2 months of release. Thus, “SOLO” has officially surpassed Taeyeon‘s “I” to become the MV of a Kpop female solo artist to have the most views at the moment.

solo 1
“SOLO” reached the milestone of 164 million views, becoming the MV of a Kpop female solo artist with the most views at the moment.
Taeyeon was formally enthroned in terms of views …
… by Jennie’s “SOLO”.

Although Jennie faced a series of attitude and dating controversies, she excelled in setting up a new achievement, confirming the leading position in the Kpop nowadays. Before that, “SOLO” also used to be the fastest MV of a solo artist to achieve 100 million views. Thanks to the catchy melody and eye-catching choreography, “SOLO” is Jennie‘s solo debut masterpiece.

solo 2 1024x682
Jennie is increasingly asserting her position in Kpop thanks to the impressive achievements made in the past time.

Source: Kenh14

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