aespa’s Upcoming Release ‘NEXT WEEK’ Registered with CMRRA?

aespa is about to release a new song called "NEXT WEEK," which has been registered with CMRRA

aespa, the famous Kpop girl group, has just been reported to have registered the copyright for a new song called “NEXT WEEK” with the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA). This news has attracted significant attention from fans, especially upon learning that Kenneth Scott Chesak, who contributed to the composition of the song “Black Mamba,” is also credited in the songwriter section of “NEXT WEEK.”

The release of “NEXT WEEK” has stirred excitement within the aespa fan community, sparking various speculations about the meaning and musical style of this new song. With Kenneth Scott Chesak’s involvement, known for his contribution to the success of “Black Mamba,” fans of aespa are eagerly anticipating that “NEXT WEEK” will continue to deliver unique and impressive musical experiences.


aespa, with its fusion of technology and artistry, has always stood out by delivering unique and impressive music products. “Black Mamba” was a groundbreaking step for the group, propelling aespa to become one of the most prominent newcomers in the South Korean entertainment industry. Therefore, the continued collaboration with Kenneth Scott Chesak in “NEXT WEEK” promises to bring further success and solidify aespa’s position in the Kpop scene.

The information about “NEXT WEEK” has sparked numerous questions and speculations from fans regarding the song’s content and musical style. aespa, known for consistently bringing surprises and innovation to their music, seems poised to maintain their unique image and distinctive style through “NEXT WEEK.”

While details about “NEXT WEEK” have yet to be fully disclosed, aespa’s appearance on CMRRA with a new song has generated a wave of anticipation and expectation from fans. Keeping track of the information and development of “NEXT WEEK” will be essential for anyone who loves and cares about aespa.

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