aespa’s Karina wowed everyone with her beauty when spotted in New York

aespa’s Karina heated up the online community with her visual in photos taken in New York, USA. 

On major SNSs such as Twitter, photos of Karina in New York were posted, attracting attention from netizens. The aespa member left for New York on November 21st to do a number of overseas schedules, including the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. As a result, many fans have taken a number of photos of the female idol when she was entering and leaving the airport and at various events. 

In particular, Karina’s photos captured near Times Square in New York are drawing keen attention from fans. In the photo, Karina wore a beige outer with loose pants, completing a comfortable style. She showed off her feminine charm by letting down her long hair.

The sight of the idol taking a two-story tour bus, a specialty of New York, also drew attention. She showed off her beauty in a wavy hairstyle, a hooded T-shirt, and black outerwear. A photo taken at Times Square in New York was also uploaded on the official Twitter account of aespa in regards to this schedule.

Meanwhile, aespa recently drew attention for their Spotify advertisement on the “Times Square” electronic display.

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