aespa’s Karina gasped in surprise while watching a VCR of BLACKPINK’s Jennie at AAA 2021

What did BLACKPINK’s Jennie say that made aespa’s Karina give such a “shocked” reaction?

On December 2, the 2021 Asia Artist Awards (AAA 2021) took place at KBS Arena with the participation of famous idol groups such as SEVENTEEN, aespa, Stray Kids, Golden Child, MOMOLAND, STAYC, ITZY,… As usual, a “specialty” after every awards show is the reaction fancams of idols. It’s been a long time since an offline award ceremony was held, so fans are even more curious about the interactions between the members of different groups.

Recently, a fancam recording the reaction of aespa’s Karina has drawn much attention of netizens. In the video, Karina was attentively watching the VCR of the artists attending AAA from previous years. The female idol was also singing and dancing along to her seniors’ hit songs such as BBoom BBoom (MOMOLAND), WHISTLE (BLACKPINK) and Blood Sweat & Tears (BTS)…

Karina was attentively watching the VCR
aespa Karina AAA 2021
She even sang and danced along to her seniors’ songs

What catches the most attention is Karina and NingNing’s surprised expressions when BLACKPINK’s Jennie appeared on the big screen. The VCR played BLACKPINK’s speech when they won Rookie Of The Year at AAA 2016. At that time, BLACKPINK was only a 3-month-old rookie. The two members of aepsa showed their admiration for their senior group by giving an unexpected and cute reaction.

aespa Karina AAA 2021
NingNing and Karina’s reactions to Jennie’s speech
aespa Karina AAA 2021
Jennie expressed her gratitude for winning an award 3 months after BLACKPINK made a debut at AAA 2016
BLACKPINK and NCT 127 won Rookie of the Year at AAA 2016

Fans find Karina and NingNing’s reactions adorable as they were paying attention to the VCR:

  • Karina is so pretty!  She’s very attractive and her smile is so sweet.
  • I can watch this fancam all day.
  • Karina was very surprised by BLACKPINK’s speech.  She even hummed along to Whistle!
  • Karina showed her respect while watching VCR.
  • I always look forward to these kinds of reactions. I love both aespa and BLACKPINK
Karina’s reaction fancam at AAA 2021
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