aespa release their remake of S.E.S “Dream Come True”, a dreamy vibe with a spoon of hip hop added

aespa reinterpreted S.E.S.’s masterpiece into a very trendy, aespa-ish way.

aespa finallly released the audio and music video of “Dreams Come True” at 6 p.m. on Dec 20th.

aespa’s “Dreams Come True”, which is a remake of the title song of S.E.S’ second full-length album released in 1998, is a song presented as part of the “Remastering Project” hosted by SM and YouTube. BoA, a senior at the same agency, also actively participated in producing music, choreography, and visual directing.

The Euro dance pop track “Dreams Come True” is a song that gave S.E.S the title of “fairy in the music world” with its dreamy and sophisticated atmosphere. It has a famous behind-the-scene story that producer Lee Soo-man, who heard “Like A Fool” by Finnish female duo Nylon Beat, personally went to Finland to meet the composer and buy copyrights.

“Dreams Come True,” which incorporates the color of aespa, maintains the dreamy atmosphere of the original song while a more modern note of 2021. Starting with intense rap, aespa deliver their younger energy by incorporating their hip-hop vibe.

Similar to the original song, the girls’ vocals are also different. aespa has a clear tone that reminds the audience of Bada’s voice at first glance, but aespa have shown a more powerful vocal than the original song, giving the feeling of a bold female warrior in the virtual world than a soft fairy.

Interestingly, the original song was released in 1998, but all aespa members were born after 2000, long after the song was released. S.E.S’ sophisticated music despite the flow of time along with aespa’s unique charm has created an impressive work.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment will unveil a remake of BoA and aespa on SMTOWN’s YouTube channel on Dec 23rd.

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