Actresses who are facing a new turning point in their lives: “Twin daughters’ mom” Sung Yu-ri, “Premarital pregnancy” Park Shin-hye

After being recognized as an actor, there are actresses who started a family and now become mothers of children, including Sung Yu-ri, Han Ji-hye, Park Shin-hye and Hwang Jung-eum.

Former Fin.K.L member cum actress Sung Yu-ri gave birth to twin daughters on Jan 7th after 5 years of marriage with professional golfer Ahn Sung-hyun. Sung Yu-ri expressed her feelings through her agency, “After a long wait, I got to hold my two daughters in my arms, and I’m so happy and grateful. I will raise my two daughters healthy and pretty as much as you have blessed them. As a mother and as an actress, I will take responsibility and come back with a better appearance, so please wait a little bit.” Sung Yu-ri uploaded a handwritten letter on her Instagram in July last year to announce her pregnancy. Since then, she has been posting pictures of her prenatal life, such as visiting art galleries or spending time with her dogs. During pregnancy, she entered the path of a businesswoman by launching a cosmetic brand under her name.

Actresses who are facing a new turning point in their lives

Han Ji-hye became a mother last year. She had a daughter after 11 years of marriage. Previously, Han Ji-hye announced her pregnancy through her YouTube channel in Dec 2020. Han Ji-hye married a prosecutor 6 years older than her in 2010, but they have been childless for 10 years. When appearing on KBS2’s “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant” during pregnancy, she shared, “Actually, Bang-gap came to me while I was giving up.” Han Ji-hye also actively communicated with fans through SNS by sharing her experiences during pregnancy such as gestational diabetes. 

Actresses who are facing a new turning point in their lives

Park Shin-hye, who has grown from a child actress to a romance queen, is now a mother. In November last year, Park Shin-hye said, “I’m going to start my married life with the person who has been my support for so long and has even covered up my shortcomings as a human Park Shin-hye. A precious life came to us in the process of preparing for our marriage.” Her prospective groom is actor Choi Tae-joon, whom she has been dating since 2018. Although they confirmed their relationship in 2018, the announcement of pregnancy at the same time as marriage surprised everyone. Park Shin-hye is currently delivering her updates through Instagram, and it is reported that she is concentrating on preparing for the wedding this month as well as her prenatal education.

Actresses who are facing a new turning point in their lives

Hwang Jung-eum and her husband Lee Young-don reunited after a year of filing for divorce. It was a double celebration as she was pregnant with her second child. Currently, Hwang Jung-eum is receiving a lot of support on Instagram by boasting her closer and more harmonious appearance with her husband. The actress also revealed how she enjoyed delicious meals as if “morning sickness” had come, gaining sympathy from both prospective and parenting mothers.

Actresses who are facing a new turning point in their lives
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