Ji Soo admits to school bullying rumours

Through a handwritten letter, he apologizes to those who have been hurt by his past actions and those involved in the production of the currently ongoing drama ‘River Where the Moon Rises’

He wrote:

“I would like to sincerely apologize to those who were hurt by me. I have absolutely no room for excuses for my actions in the past. They were unforgivable.

As I began acting, I was able to come this far due to the fact that I covered up my past, and as a result received undeserving love and attention from the public.

But deep inside, I always held a sense of guilt in one part of my heart, and an irreversible regret haunted me anxiously. I was always pressed down by my dark past. 

I now beg forgiveness to those who were undoubtedly deeply hurt for a long time, seeing me acting, and I will reflect on the unforgivable actions of my past and repent. 

I feel miserable and guilty for inflicting so much damage on all of my fellow drama cast and crew members, the broadcasting station, and all those affiliated with the production, solely due to my own personal mistakes. I sincerely pray that the drama will not suffer any more damages.

Once again, I beg for forgiveness on my knees to all those who were hurt by me.”


Earlier, Ji Soo was accused of school violence and bullying in a lengthy post made by one netizen. Several other netizens then replied or made their own posts, sharing their own alleged experiences of bullying by the hands of Ji Soo. KeyEast later released an official statement attempting to verify the truth.

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