Daesung’s photos during military service are finally revealed, he is just as chubby & healthy as his brothers

His fans even have to open their eyes widely and try to look at the photos carefully to spot where he is standing!

Big Bang is probably one of the celebrities who catch a lot of attention and support from netizens after enlisting to the army. Especially, netizens are extremely eager for their idols’ photos captured in their infantry divisions to know how healthy and happy they are.
4 members of Big Bang – T.O.P, G-Dragon, Taeyang and Daesung – have already enlisted in the military. So far, their fans have seen some photos of T.O.P, G-Dragon and Taeyang during their military service, but Daesung’s photos are still undiscovered. At present, he is being trained in a Division that has strict regulations regarding information leakage, so many fans guess that it is not until their idol is discharged from the military that they can finally see him?

Bigbang, daesung
People praise that G-Dragon looks more “chubby” after he enlisted to the army

Taeyang looks this happy and healthy!

Bigbang, daesung
T.O.P is working very hard as a public service worker in Seoul

However, their fans finally found Daesung in some photos he took with a lot of soldiers. These photos have recently been shared on SNS.
Where is Daesung? Can you see him?
In the photos, Daesung looked very formal in the army outfit and was wearing a mask. He stood in a far away corner, which made it hard for his fans to spot him.

Bigbang, daesung
Look at those small eyes! That must be Daesung!

The recluse of the year…
We have to keep zooming in the photos to see him clearly. It’s true that finding him is even harder than looking for golds.
Many netizens left the following funny comments when seeing these photos:
-“Our Daesung must be the recluse of the year. We have tried hard to find him. Now we found him, but only half of this face huhu”
-“Life is hard, but looking for his photos is even a hundred times harder”
-“Though other guys’ faces were blurred, it took me a looooooong time to recognize him. Oh my God :((“
-“It seems that he gets more chubby. Normally, he likes to sit in the first row, but after enlisting to the army, he sits far away”. 
-“Your hair is so cute, my idol! Try to eat and sleep well! We’ll always wait for you to come back!”
Most of V.I.Ps are very happy and satisfied after seeing these photos because Daesung looks very healthy. So, they don’t need to worry anymore because these 4 Big Bang’s members are having a very good life in the army which is a very strict environment in Korea, right? Now we just need to patiently wait for the day they are discharged from the army and come back!

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