Salt Entertainment clarifies rumor from Kim Seon Ho’s alleged acquaintance

Salt Entertainment  issued an official statement against false rumor about their contract with Kim Seon Ho.

The rumor originated from an anonymous account claiming to be an acquaintance of both Kim Seon Ho and his ex-girlfriend A: “The reality in this industry is that during the contract period, if you still want to leave the company after they say they will manage the risks and discuss all the disadvantages, you would be in danger.” This implied that the agency was behind the scandal.

Salt Entertainment‘s representative defended, “What the person claiming to be Kim Seon Ho’s acquaintance revealed about his contract with our agency is completely false and groundless.” Earlier, the company also confirmed that there is still a considerable amount of time left in the contract.

Salt Entertainment

In addition, YouTuber and former entertainment reporter Lee Jin Ho – the first person to disclose K as Kim Seon Ho and forewarn the identity of his ex-girlfriend A – exposed that the anonymous account was not reliable. This YouTuber believed that the agency is trying to protect Kim Seon Ho and making up for the loss of compensation fees.

If the account owner was an acquaintance of Kim Seon Ho, he must have known about the contract term. The fact that no one could contact Kim Seon Ho in the first few days after the scandal went public was also untrue. YouTuber Lee Jin Ho asserted that this person “does not know anything about the internal situation.” 

lee jin ho kim seon ho

On the other hand, the owner of that account confused netizens with his rapidly changing attitude. Initially, he announced on the 25th that he would “reveal everything” and sent the information he had to Dispatch as well as the entire media. The next day, this person confirmed that he would stop because “the two sides (A and Kim Seon Ho) have already settled it. If a third party intervenes, the matter will flare up again.” When YouTuber Lee Jin Ho denied the credibility, the account owner glowed with rage, “Not true. It’s my personal decision not to speak up anymore because I’m concerned about the public’s reaction. If anything changes, I’ll let you know later.” 

Salt Entertainment

Does this scandal really end here? 

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