Actress who left an impression as “Han So Hee’s friend” in “Nevertheless” is becoming “Kim Tae Ri’s friend” 

Yang Hye Ji, who starred as Han So Hee’s friend in JTBC’s “Nevertheless”, is drawing attention by announcing her next drama after a long time.

Yang Hye Ji played Oh Bit Na, a friend of Yoon Na Bi (Han So Hee), in the 2021 drama “Nevertheless” and captured viewers’ attention.

Yang Hye-ji

She added to the drama’s fun with her character’s colorful styling that seemed to jump out of a webtoon. She also delicately depicted realistic conflicts and emotions and showed a lively appearance of a college student.

Yang Hye Ji announced on Dec 5th that she would star in the new SBS drama “Demon” (tentative title), which is scheduled to be aired next year. Yang Hye Ji will play Baek Se Mi, a high school classmate and soul mate of the main character Goo San Young (Kim Tae Ri). 

Yang Hye-ji han so hee

“Demon” is a mystery thriller in which a woman possessed by demons and a man who can see demons dig into the mysterious deaths surrounding five bodies.

Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se, and Hong Kyung have previously confirmed their appearances in “Demon,” a new drama by writer Kim Eun Hee, who is working with SBS for the first time in nine years since the drama “Three Days.”

Yang Hye-ji

Yang Hye Ji debuted in 2016 by starring in season 2 of the web drama “Secret Crushes”. She subsequently gained more attention by appearing in dramas such as MBC’s “The Rich Son”, JTBC’s “When the Weather Is Fine”, “Live On” and “Nevertheless”.

In particular, she was cast as the lead role in “Bad Memory Eraser,” which was scheduled to be released this year, but it seems that the timing was delayed, so Yang Hye Ji’s next year is expected to be very busy.

Yang Hye-ji

Yang Hye Ji once revealed in an interview that her maternal uncle is veteran actor Ahn Nae Sang. She said, “I have never mentioned it directly, but everyone already knows it.” 

She added, “When I don’t know much about acting, I sometimes call my uncle, but we don’t talk about acting with each other.”

She said, “Since we are a family, I fear that work will interfere, so I support him from an appropriate distance.  I am also very careful in that regard.”

Source: Daum

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