Actress Hyped Over Eye Contact With NewJeans’ Hanni, “My heart stopped beating”

This star actress also called NewJeans’ Hanni her “ultimate bias”, making this a big moment for a fangirl

On December 6, Ahn Eun-jin, who recently gained huge attention with K-dramas “My Dearest” and “The Good Bad Mother”, appeared on tvN’s “You Quiz On the Block”. Here, the actress discussed her “fangirl history”, having been head over heels for g.o.d, Ryohei Otani, and more.

According to Ahn Eun-jin, she is also a fan of BLACKPINK and NewJeans, and so being able to see NewJeans performed at the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards on November 24 was a “big moment” for her. The actress also mentioned NewJeans’ Hanni as her “ultimate bias”, and recalled the moment she made eye contact with Hanni for a solid 5 seconds.


“That day was so spectacular. When Hanni looked at me, (Ryu) Jun-yeol, who was standing next to me, said, ‘She’s looking at you.’ I thought my heart stopped beating. I made eye contact with Hanni’s eyes and I was so nervous”, Ahn Eun-jin excitedly said, showing her “fangirl” spirit.

In response, Yoo Jae-suk joked that Hanni could have been looking at other people in the same direction. However, Ahn Eun-jin insisted that Hanni was looking at her, explaining that she sat close to the stage and moved a lot during the performance, and so must have drawn attention.

The conversation then transitioned to Ahn Eun-jin’s dress exposure incident. Reminiscing about that day, Ahn Eun-jin said that she was embarrassed, but in the end thought that it was just something that can happen in life.

She then showed a fierce fan love again, saying, “I made eye contact with Hanni and recovered.” 

Source: SBS News, Koreaboo

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