Actor Kang Ji Hwan has to pay 5,34 billion won for sexual abuse scandal despite being trapped

The huge amount of money that Kang Ji Hwan had to pay for the contract made netizens stunned.

In July 2019, Coffee House actor Kang Ji Hwan was accused of sexually assaulting 2 girls at his home in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province. In the June 2020 trial, the actor was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison and 3 years of probation.


However, Kang Ji Hwan appealed the sentence, and a series of details showing that he was trapped also appeared. Accordingly, Kang Ji Hwan released the CCTV footage in his home, recording him unconscious on the day of the incident. The video showed that the actor was in a drunken state and was helped by the two victims into the bedroom. After that, the two girls took a shower and walked around the house in only their underwear. The lawyer also said that no semen was found in the two girls’ bodies, but only on their tampons and underwear. In light of the evidence was given, many people thought that Kang Ji Hwan was trapped by these two girls.

The male actor’s house

Today (September 25), Kang Ji Hwan, on the other hand, continued to appear in the trial to reimburse the contract for the damage caused by the incident. The Seoul Central District Court ruled the actor and his management firm to compensate the drama production company Santa Claus Entertainment 5.34 billion won. Accordingly, the management company will pay 610 million won, while Kang Ji Hwan will have to pay 4.73 billion won.


The reason for this is because he was filming the drama Joseon Survival at the time the scandal emerged. He had already completed 12 episodes when he was forced to leave the series. His role was taken over by another actor in the remaining eight episodes. Despite the fact that there was evidence, Kang Ji Hwan was sued by the film production firm and had to pay compensation due to a breach of contract.


Currently, this information is ranked #1 on news portals in Korea, including Dispatch.


Kang Ji Hwan, whose real name is Jo Tae Gyu, was born in 1977 and is most known for his roles in Save The Last Dance For Me, Hong Gil Dong, and Coffee House, etc. His career and reputation have been entirely destroyed as a result of the sexual assault incident that broke out in 2019.


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