A Youtuber reveals a controversial part in “Single’s Inferno” French dubbed version

A somewhat absurd scene captured in the dubbing version of Netflix’s show “Single’s Inferno”, drawing keen attention.

Single’s Inferno

On February 7th, a video titled, “Another controversy over the fart sound of Kim Hyun-joon in the dubbing version of Single’s Inferno by Netflix France”, was uploaded on the Youtube channel “French Hotteok”.

In the video, the French girl Somi said, “I read something really ridiculous when surfing the Internet a few days ago. I think you will be very shocked to hear this news”.

French Hotteok

She then explained the content of the tweets she saw, “I was reading this and that on French Twitter and there was a crazy story about Single’s Inferno”.

The tweets posted by many French netizens were, “Single’s Inferno French version, did they really put the fart sound in?”, “Why did you add the fart sound for that man? You can’t do that. OMG”, etc.

French Hotteok

The controversial part was the scene when Kim Hyun-joong went to get water with Oh Jin-taek and Song Ji-ah in the first episode of Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno”. Twitter users pointed out that Kim Hyun-joong‘s fart sound was inserted in the dubbing version.

Somi watched the French dubbed version herself to see if those tweets were true.

In fact, in the first episode of “Single’s Inferno” French dubbed version, the fart sound was broadcast in the scene where the male cast Kim Hyun-joong stood up with a water bottle.

“I was out of my mind for 10 seconds. I listened to it again. Why? What is this? This is so crazy”, Somi expressed embarrassment.

After that, Somi also confirmed that she didn’t hear any fart sound in the original version (Korean) or other international versions, such as English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Thai. 

Somi said, “I can’t understand why Netflix France did that. Were you jealous because Korean content has been so popular these days?”, adding, “I want to hear a proper explanation from Netflix’s France’s dubbing staff for Single’s Inferno”.

Lastly, she added, “Farting doesn’t hurt anyone. But saying someone farted although they didn’t is not the right thing to do”, adding, “I hope Netflix France will quickly fix that part”.

Some Youtube users who watched the video raised suspicions of racism in relation to the controversial scene.

Netizens poured out criticisms, saying, “Racists are everywhere. Since we can’t check everything in the show, this is such subtle racism. I hope this kind of discrimination will disappear in 2022”, “What’s wrong with Netflix France? They are trying to hurt people’s feelings with weird things”, “I think they should release an official position on this issue”, “It would be so ridiculous If they intended to do that”, “They definitely intended to do so”, “Is this another kind of racism?”, “This is so frustrating”, etc.

Other Internet users also raised different opinions, saying, “Maybe the French voice actor farted while dubbing”, “ I don’t know what it is but this is so funny”, “I guess they added that sound to make us laugh”, “I think it’s because the dubbing actor was too immersed in it”, “Just take this as a funny joke”.

French Hotteok
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