A touching and heartwarming story about aespa Winter has been revealed 

aespa Winter (Kim Min-jeong, 21 years old) is drawing attention with her extraordinary love for fans.

Letters written by Winter to fans were recently released and spread through various online communities and SNS sites.


The handwritten letters were reportedly handed to fans at the airport on October 13th, the day Winter departed for Los Angeles via Incheon International Airport for overseas schedules.

Winter letter

Parts of the contents of the letters were also revealed. Winter started her letters by greeting “Hi! It’s Min-jeong (Winter’s real name)!” and expressed her gratitude to fans as she felt sorry for always being the receiver of fans’ gifts and love. Winter also said that the letters she received from fans were great sources of support while carrying out activities as an idol.

Touched by these sincere letters, netizens gave enthusiastic responses to Winter’s warm heart. They commented, “No idol has ever done this before”, “She thinks about fans a lot”, “Her fans must be very happy”, “I love seeing her moments with fans”, etc.

Source: wikitree

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