A top actor who “disappeared” due to privacy leakage controversy revealed his face for the first time in 2 years

Top actor Joo Jin-mo, who disappeared from the public eye after being embroiled in controversy over the leakage of private text messages, revealed his face for the first time in 2 years.

On the afternoon of Sep 7th, family medicine specialist Min Hye-yeon, Joo Jin-mo‘s wife, posted 2 photos on Instagram with the caption “My husband’s birthday dinner yesterday ♡♡♡ Paul is looking at yuk-sashimi (thinly sliced raw beef), and… My husband is cutting beef to feed Paul! LOL”.

The photo showed Joo Jin-mo and his dog sitting side by side in front of the restaurant table and focusing on yuk-sashimi. In the photo, Joo Jin-mo was wearing a casual outfit, but he still boasted his unchanging sculpture-like appearance. However, he seemed to lose some weight and become emaciated.

Joo Jin Moo

Previously, Joo Jin-mo was embroiled in a smartphone hacking incident in January 2016, and was embroiled in a privacy controversy in which a messenger conversation he had with an acquaintance was leaked.

Joo Jin Moo

At that time, Joo Jin-mo’s agency said that criminal hackers threatened him, adding, “He bows his head to the women who were mentioned in his text messages and asks for forgiveness. He didn’t commit the immoral act of secretly taking photos of women’s bodies and spreading them.” Afterwards, Joo Jin-mo filed a criminal complaint against the subject of hacking and blackmail through his legal representative, and the hackers were sentenced to prison.

Joo Jin Moo

Meanwhile, Joo Jin-mo married Min Hye-yeon, a family medicine specialist from Seoul National University College of Medicine who is 10 years younger than him, in 2019.

Joo Jin Moo

Source: Wikitree

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