A sequel to Pixar’s “Up”, an animation that makes even adults cry, is coming out

The sequel to Pixar’s animated film “Up”, which has made many viewers cry, is getting released. 

On January 29th, foreign media outlets reported that the sequel to the movie “Up” titled “Dug Days: Carl’s Date” is going to be released next month on Disney Plus.

Up Pixar

“Dug Days: Carl’s Date” depicts the events that happen when Carl, who is living a peaceful life, finds a new girlfriend.

Judging from the short teaser video and plot summary that have been released, it seems that Dug will help Carl on a date with his new girlfriend as Carl faces troubles on his first date in a long time. Dug will calm Carl’s anxiety and give him some dating tips.

Up Pixar

“Dug Days: Carl’s Date” is scheduled to be released on Disney Plus on February 10th in North America.

Source: Insight. 

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