A popular Chinese reality show suspected of plagiarising Taeyang’s scene in BIGBANG’s “Still Life” MV 

Netizens pointed out the similarity between BIGBANG’s latest MV and a stage set on “Trump Card.”

Recently, episode 12 of the famous Chinese reality show “Trump Card”, also known as “Ace vs. Ace”, was broadcast and sparked a controversy over plagiarism. Accordingly, in the ending performance of “Trump Card”, the lavish stage set has a large ship with yellow flowers blooming on its deck, which is almost identical to Taeyang’s scene in BIGBANG‘s “Still Life” MV. 

A ship filled with yellow flowers as the stage set on “Trump Card” 
Taeyang’s scene in BIGBANG’s MV for “Still Life” 

Netizens are having divided opinions on this. While many K-pop fans think “Trump Card” plagiarised BIGBANG’s MV, Chinese netizens claim a ship with blooming flowers is not uncommon and BIGBANG did not start it. Some comments even questioned the opposite by suspecting the production crew of BIGBANG’s MV of getting their idea from Chinese traditional culture because a ship with flowers has a history of more than 300 years in China. 


Some netizens’ comments:

  • Chinese shows did plagiarize a lot, but this is not it. 
  • A ship full of blooming flowers is not something new. 
  • It made me think of “Still Life” immediately 
  • The flower ship is originally from China.
  • I’m a BIGBANG fan but I don’t think this is plagiarism 

Source: K14

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