A Netizen Proved Spotify Streams Can Be Manipulated With $5, Fans Question HYBE Artists’ Achievements

Do you think Spotify streams can be manipulated?

On April 6, a post was made on the popular Chinese online community Douban with the title, “How do you cheat on Spotify? Why not? The testing result is here.”

The netizen who made this topic explained they decided to spend $5 to try hiring a Spotify streaming service to cheat the streamings on this platform.


The netizen searched for “Spotify promote” and saw that the top result is the streaming service ViewPals. He/she chose the testing subject is the song “溜达好玩吃肉香” (Happy walking and eating good-smelling meat) by Taiwanese singer Lady Nana. Released on October 18, 2023, the song at that time had a total of 2,493 streams, and in a short period of time it seemed like there would be no sudden growth in its stream number.

According to ViewPals, after a customer paid less than $5 for 1000 streams, the display system will start the streaming service within 24 to 48 hours. If the customer doesn’t see an increase, he/she can contact them. After using the service, the netizen was surprised to see its effectiveness, as the song has gained 2000+ more streams and its total streams increased to 4833. Finally, the netizen asked if everyone thinks HYBE cheated on Spotify for its artists.

Some of the top comments include:

  • (+1032) aaa 1 like for your research spirit
  • (+592) Practice is the only criterion to test the truth
  • (+456) Very realistic, even its monthly listeners are increasing
  • (+500) It was originally possible, now as long as you have money you can have anything you want, do you really want data? Give me 10,000 yuan this month, all the electronic devices in my house will be sold to you
  • (+232) Manipulating is so easy and not even obvious
  • (+300) Appreciate your practical spirit. I think there are still higher quality ones to choose from. High quality streams after filtering will be more.
  • (+51) Nana: “Thank you”

What is your opinion?

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