Debates resurface to figure out the “truth” behind Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s divorce, Song Hye Kyo takes the blames for their short-lived marriage 

Korean netizens are criticizing actress Song Hye Kyo for the breakup. 

On December 26th, Song Joong Ki took the public by surprise when the actor announced his relationship with a foreign girlfriend who works outside of the entertainment industry. Later, she was revealed as former actress Katy Louise Saunders. Song Hye Kyo became the talk of the town when the news broke out. 

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Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo got married in October, 2017 and filed for divorce, approximately 2 years later in June 2019. The divorce announcement came hastily but the official statement did not satisfy the public. While it was said that the couple parted ways due to personality differences, netizens were not convinced. 

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On December 28th, the Pann community was bustling with discussion topics regarding the issue, “Did Song Hye Kyo do something wrong to Song Joong Ki?” “It doesn’t look like anything’s been confirmed, but why are people saying that Song Joong Ki has bad luck when it comes to women?” “What did Song Hye Kyo do?”

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In response, netizens said: Song Hye Kyo tried to act like the victim in the media, and then Song Joong Ki’s side said they’d reveal it all. After that, she got quiet,” “There’s no man who wouldn’t fall for a face like that. Song Joong Ki even said that she was her ideal type.” 

While Song Hye Kyo was taking the blame on social media, many came to defend the actress, stating: “Why are people saying Song Hye Kyo tempted him? During promotions for ‘Descendants of the Sun’, he was totally flirting with her.” 

Descendants Of The Sun

When no clear answers are given, netizens are giving themselves the most appropriate response to this “mysterious” breakup between Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki. 

Source: Allkpop

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