A netizen claiming to be “Snowdrop” staff expressed his position on the controversies surrounding the drama

The staff of drama “Snowdrop” left a long message about his position.


On December 24th, a netizen posted an article on the online community Nate Pann conveying his position on “Snowdrop” along with a photo to certify his identity. The article’s writer introduced himself as Jo Bae-gun, a photographer who is in charge of taking photos at the filming site.

snowdrop staff

Regarding the controversy that broke out even before the release of “Snowdrop“, the staff explained that he expected controversies to be less intense after the drama’s official broadcast. This is because he found nothing controversial in the 16-episode script he read.

However, things didn’t happen as he had expected. After “Snowdrop” was aired, people started to sign petitions to the Blue House once again and the drama couldn’t escape from controversies, such as “a spy getting involved in the democratization movement”, “beautifying the National Security Planning Agency”, “disparaging the democratic movement, such as the June Democratic Struggle and the Gwạngu Uprising”.

The staff emphasized, “I’m not misleading you with subtle lies. The three issues mentioned are not true. I can’t understand nor sympathize with these controversies.”


He then pointed out “freedom of expression” and “freedom of assembly” as what he considers important and precious values in a democratic society. He explained, “If it’s not a copy, the creator’s work must be respected. Regarding that, even if I make you feel bad, you still have to respect me. You cannot incinerate it. It seems to be nothing but is actually one of the great pillars supporting democracy. That’s how culture develops.”

In addition, he added, “But not only did ‘Snowdrop’ reveal from the beginning that everything is fiction but also assure that there would be nothing to worry about. Isn’t that enough?”

He also told some touching stories about the two main actors, Jung Hae-in and Jisoo. He said he felt grateful because Jung Hae-in took really good care of this staff at the filming site as the actor often asked him questions, such as “Did you eat? Was it delicious?”, “What did you eat? It must have been really delicious. Did you have your meal together with the directing team?”. He also attached a text message sent by Jung Hae-in in the article.

Revealing a photo of a signed CD Jisoo gifted him, he also praised Jisoo’s personality.

Users of the online community who saw the post said, “I think our nation is sick for a while due to the current virus. There will definitely be people like me who finish the weekend by watching“Snowdrop.” Please cheer up and make a lot of good dramas.” “I think what the OP said is right. If the work is really problematic, fewer people will consume it and the results will not be good. I don’t think others can just ask for productions that are not legally problematic to be removed at will,” and “Tears flow as I read it. Even for democracy, all 16 episodes of “Snowdrop” must be aired. I will cheer for you until the end.”


On the other hand, netizens on other online communities such astheqoo made many negative comments, “You are turning the people who criticized the drama into idiots,” “It seems like you don’t know what’s wrong with it,” “You have long excuses,” “This is why the drama is being criticized,” “You are not using fact to oppose but only claim that it is your freedom to be creative,” “In the first and second episodes alone, the actions of the national security second male lead and the female lead have been glorified. Misunderstanding a spy as an activist will be an excuse to justify NIS’s actions, which is a distortion of the pro-democracy movement.”

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