A monster rookie who beat 1.408 people finally appears in “The Witch 2” trailer

“The Witch 2”, which returned with an expanded worldview and spectacular sights, released its trailer.

“The Witch 2” depicts the numerous forces with different motives that gather to chase down a young girl who escapes a secret laboratory after being the only one to survive an accident that leaves the lab in ruins.


The trailer released this time announces the return of “The Witch” with the greeting “It’s been a while” as if responding to the audience’s long wait. And the “girl” (Shin Si-ah), who survives alone in the devastated secret laboratory and takes her first step out into the world, appears.


From “Doctor Baek” (Jo Min-su), “Jang” (Lee Jong-suk) and “Jo-hyeon” (Seo Eun-soo) tracing the girl’s whereabouts, “Kyung-hee” (Park Eun-bin) reaching out to the girl, “Yong-doo” (Jin Goo) watching them to the mysterious groups chasing after the girl.


Characters with different purposes appear one after another, making us look forward to the active performance of various characters in the ever-growing “The Witch Universe”. In particular, the line “He’s the standard for this project” signals the strong presence of a new witch, amplifying prospective viewers’ curiosity.


Meanwhile, “The Witch 2” is expected to own a fresh casting combination, including Shin Si-ah, who was selected as a new witch through a competition rate of 1.408:1, Park Eun-bin, Seo Eun-soo, Jin Goo, Sung Yoo-bin, Jo Min-su, Lee Jong-suk and Kim Da-mi.


In addition, director Park Hoon-jung, the unrivaled “genre film master” in the Korean film industry with “New World”, “The Witch”, “Night in Paradise”, and the original production team of “The Witch” once again work together to add credibility.

With an unpredictable story, new characters and more powerful action, “The Witch 2” will be available at theaters nationwide on Wednesday, June 15th.

Source: content.v.daum.net

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