A rookie singer who speaks up about his recent controversy over fan deception

Singer Lee Solomon, who has been embroiled in the controversy over fan deception, expressed his position through the fan cafe.

On March 16th, Lee Solomon uploaded a post titled “It’s a little late” through his official fan cafe.

Lee Solomon said, “I’m having a hard time with unresolved issues, from facts that I can’t fully tell, rumors that have grown due to speculation and exaggeration, events that have happened in my life to things that I don’t even want to talk about.

Solomon Lee

He went on to say, “I’m a person who lacks a lot. Although there will be scars in my life and scars in the lives of my loved ones, I don’t want to blame anyone.”

Lee Solomon confessed, “Even if something unexpected happens and everyone turns their backs on me, I don’t resent those who advocated public debate and those who pointed the blade of criticism at me. I want all the blame only on me.”

He concluded, “I’m really sorry that I couldn’t give candy to a crying child. I send my sincere apologies and condolences to all those who have been hurt because of me, to the ones I love the most and to my fans who must have had a difficult time as well.”

Solomon Lee

On March 12th, a post titled “A rookie male singer who lets his girlfriend (presumption) wear and certify gifts from fans” was uploaded on an online community. 

A, the author of the post, wrote, “My bias has only debuted for 4 months and it seemed like he didn’t have a lot of clothes. A lot of fans wished that he would become a fashionista so they sent him clothes. Meanwhile, my bias sent the gifts that the fans sent him to his alleged girlfriend who suddenly uploaded it on her Instagram.”

Solomon Lee

The attached photos showed a woman wearing the same products as the clothes sent by fans as gifts, further intensifying suspicions.

A left a hint that he was a rookie who recently debuted through a survival program. Netizens speculated that he was Lee Solomon, who made his debut through TV Chosun’s “Tomorrow is a national singer“.

In this regard, Lee Solomon personally left an apology through the fan cafe, but some pointed out that Lee Solomon only listed vague words about the controversy without an accurate explanation.

Solomon Lee
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