A girl group member who debuted a week ago is embroiled in an unexpected controversy

The new girl group CLASSy is embroiled in controversy over male-hating hand movements.

Recently, an article titled “Rookie Girl Group CLASSy’s hand gestures” was posted on various online communities.


In this article, there is a group selfie picture taken by CLASSy in the waiting room of Mnet’s “M!Countdown.” The problem was Kim Sun-yu‘s fingers. She had her thumb and index finger forming a gesture.

This finger gesture is used by some radical feminists to disparage the genital size of Korean men. This specific action has been controversial several times as it was inserted into advertising images of many companies.


However, some argue that the photo was taken while she was in the middle of making a finger heart, which explains why Kim Sun-yu was drawing a finger heart at the same position in another group photo.

Netizens who saw this responded, “Don’t you think it’s a misunderstanding if you see her doing a finger heart in the next photo?” “Why would you upload such a photo?” and “It could be controversial even if it wasn’t intentionally done.”

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