Bang Si Hyuk’s 34-billion-won LA mansion with 9 bathrooms and glass elevator revealed for the first time

The U.S. mansion of Bang Si Hyuk, chairman of HYBE’s board of directors, has been revealed.

The May 22nd broadcast of Mnet’s “Girls Night Out” discussed the “Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World” with FIFTY FIFTY Saena and Keena as guests.


Los Angeles, USA ranked 7th in this ranking, and celebrities living there were introduced. Among them, Bang Si Hyuk drew the most attention. Located in Bel-Air, Bang Si Hyuk’s house has 3 ground floors, 9 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms, and has an area of about 300 pyeong. You can enjoy luxury views from all over the house. There are also movie theater, infinity pool and sunbed, gym, massage facilities, library and lounge. Jang Do Yeon admired, “It’s a house that embodies what I’ve imagined.


The house also has a glass elevator, which is a secret passage to the wine cellar. Bang Si Hyuk purchased the house for 34 billion won.


Meanwhile, Bang Si Hyuk graduated from Department of Aesthetics at Seoul National University and worked as a chief producer at JYP. After becoming independent, he established Big Hit Entertainment (HYBE) in 2005, debuted BTS in 2013 and helped them grow into world stars.

Source: Nate

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