7 Korean Actresses Showcasing Makeup-Free Excellence in 2023 Dramas

Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo is the stunning lead actress of the 2023 Korean film blockbuster, “The Glory.” In the series, she wears minimal makeup as she portrays a woman enduring hardship for her revenge plan. In some scenes, Song Hye Kyo even appears completely bare-faced. Despite having to lose weight to achieve a more subdued look and opting for no makeup, Song Hye Kyo remains flawlessly beautiful.

The Glory

Kim Yoo Jung

In her latest project, “My Demon,” Kim Yoo Jung appears with a beautiful look. However, in some scenes, the actress also goes makeup-free. Audiences are truly surprised to see Kim Yoo Jung’s natural face. Without makeup, she looks youthful and adorable.

kim yoo-jung


Nana had a remarkable comeback last year in “Mask Girl.” In scenes where her character is fleeing from pursuers or sitting in prison, she had to shed her glamorous and sophisticated appearance. Even without makeup in these scenes, Nana still stands out with her graceful and harmonious beauty.

mask girl

Han Hyo Joo

Not just one, but this year Han Hyo Joo appears makeup-free in two projects: “Moving” and “Duel 2.” Particularly in “Believer 2,” she doesn’t wear lipstick in any scene and even undergoes makeup to have many freckles on her face. Despite this, her visual remains undiminished.

han hyo joo

Park Bo Young

Similar to Han Hyo Joo, in 2023, Park Bo Young also appears makeup-free in two dramas: “Concrete Utopia” and “Daily Dose of Sunshine.” In both of these projects, she takes on the role of warm and compassionate nurses. Despite not wearing makeup or glamorous outfits, she remains youthful and stunning, living up to the reputation of being one of the top age-defying beauties in Korea.

Park Bo Young

Park Eun Bin

In the film “Castaway Diva,” Park Eun Bin has scenes where she is not wearing makeup as her character survives on a deserted island for 15 years. In some scenes, she is even transformed to appear less attractive. However, the beauty of the actress born in 1992 remains exceptionally stunning.

park eun bin

Go Yoon Jung

In “Moving,” Go Yoon Jung astounds the audience by showcasing her impeccable makeup-free face. The beautiful actress appears flawless, even in scenes shot up close to her face. Her skin is flawless, with harmonious and balanced features, making Go Yoon Jung a formidable contender in this list.

moving go yoon jung
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