5 spine-chilling horror movies that will blow away the sweltering summer heat

The season of horror movies has arrived.

If you are looking for a creepy horror movie to watch with your family, friends, or lovers to escape the sweltering heat these days, if you want to experience having your hair stand up and your spines chill without air conditioners this summer, these 5 movies are for you. 

1. Incantation 

Taking a mockumentary found-footage approach to the horror genre, “Incantation” became the top-grossing film when it was released in Taiwan earlier this year. 

“Incantation” tells the story of a cursed woman who broke a religious taboo six years ago. She must protect her daughter from the outcomes of her actions.

2. Orphan

The 2009 disturbing movie “Orphan” received so much love from horror movie fans that a prequel, “Orphan: First Kill” is getting released this August.

“Orphan” created a huge stir around the world when it came out with its shocking ending that a 9-year-old girl was actually an adult woman in her 30s with dwarfism.

3. A Quiet Place

“A Quiet Place”, a “silent horror film” that rewrote the history of the horror film industry, also gained explosive popularity immediately after its release in 2018. “A Quiet Place: Part 2”, which was released last year, also became a commercial success. The production of Part 3 has been confirmed. 

“A Quiet Place” captures the extreme survival of a family in a world swept away by mysterious creatures that respond only to sound and destroy their opponents in an instant.

4. The Conjuring 

“The Conjuring” film series is also considered a masterpiece for fans of horror movies to watch over and over again. The story of “The Conjuring” begins in 1977 in Enfield, England, where an unknown entity appears in the house of the family.

“The Conjuring 2”, which is said to be scary enough even for brave viewers, recently returned with Part 3 and once again thrilled the fans.

5. Freaky 

If you want to see a horror movie, but don’t want to cover your eyes the entire time and miss everything, “Freaky”, which is a combination of horror and comedy, is the one for you. 

“Freaky” is not rated for teenagers, so it gives a suffocating horror, but it also has comic elements, so you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere as well.

“Freaky” tells the story that unfolds when a middle-aged serial killer and a high-school student have their bodies swapped. 

Source: insight

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