5 extremely interesting things about ‘Squid Game”s Park Hae Soo

‘Squid Game’ is now the main topic of Korean moviegoers and fans of dramatic thrillers on movie viewing sites. The movie has 9 episodes, now has full showtime to watch on Netflix.

In ‘Squid Game’, in addition to Lee Jung Jae as Ki Hoon, the audience is also impressed with Park Hae Soo‘s character Sang Woo. Because he was so impressed with Park Hae Soo’s face and acting, many people immediately searched for information about this actor.

Park Hae Soo started his career on musical stages

If we list talented and multi-talented actors, we firmly believe that Park Hae Soo will be included in it because Park Hae Soo is not only a great actor but also a talented singer. He began his acting career on stage in 2007 with the play ‘Mister Lobby’.

park hae soo squid game

After that, Park Hae Soo continued to pursue her career with famous plays including ‘Macbeth’, ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘The Chorus: Oedipus’. Thanks to his skills and excellent acting, the actor was invited by famous director Shin Won Ho to play the lead role in the drama “Prison Playbook” and made a big splash.

Park Hae Soo’s name pops up after filming Prison Playbook (2017)

Park Hae Soo has also starred in some famous dramas such as ‘God of War,’ ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’, ‘The Liar and His Lover’ and ‘Memories of the Alhambra’, but I think 2017 is the golden year for this actor when he played the lead role of Kim Jae Hyuk in ‘Prison Playbook’. He plays a baseball player who made a mistake and was sentenced to prison. It is the top-notch incarnation in this movie that has helped him receive love and appreciation from fans around the world.

Has won many awards

park hae soo squid game

Also because of his good performance in every role, Park Hae Soo has received well-deserved awards for his efforts. The actor received his first award for his role in ‘Prison Playbook’ with the Best New Actor award at the 2018 Seoul Awards.

park hae soo squid game

In 2019, he was also awarded the same title at the Blue Dragon Film Awards for his impressive performance in the movie ‘By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture’.

Park Hae Soo is currently under BH Entertainment

park hae soo squid game

You may not know, actor Squid Game does not work independently but signs a contract with BH Entertainment. This is also the company that currently manages Park Bo Young, Kim Go Eun, Lee Ji Ah, and Jinyoung of GOT7.

Park Hae Soo got married in 2018

Park Hae Soo got married in 2018. It is known that he met his beautiful future wife through a mutual friend and dated for a year before getting married.

park hae soo squid game

If you love Park Hae Soo, you can support this talented actor in upcoming projects like Suriname and especially ‘The Paper House’ (‘Money Heist’ Korean version) where he will play the role of Berlin! 

Don’t forget to watch ‘Squid Game’ today. The movie consists of 9 episodes and now has full showtime with subtitles on Netflix.

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