“Street Man Fighter” sponsor reportedly demanded compensation for damage due to Kang Daniel’s mention of the wrong brand name

As Kang Daniel made a slip of the tongue with a PPL product name on “Street Man Fighter”, the sponsor of the show even requested compensation.

Earlier, Kang Daniel hosted the broadcast of “Street Man Fighter (SMF)” on November 8th and said, “I’ll greet the advertisers”, adding “Trevi tastes very nice. I’m just kidding. But I said it half-seriously”.

His remark sparked controversies as the official sponsor of “SMF” was Coca-Cola’s Seagram, not Trevi.

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On November 15th, Chosun Ilbo reported a comment from people in the advertisement and distribution industry, which said “The sponsor seems to have been taken in”.

Accordingly, Coca-Cola was one of the major sponsors of “SMF” and they paid hundreds of millions of won in advertising. Throughout the six months of the program production and three months of broadcasting, Coca-Cola’s Seagram products have steadily been mentioned and shown on broadcasts. 

CJ ENM. which was in charge of producing and broadcasting “SMF”, reportedly deleted Kang Daniel’s remark from the ‘replay’ broadcast, but Coca-Cola demanded compensation from CJ ENM. 

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In this regard, an official in the distribution industry analyzed, “It is clear that the broadcaster caused great damage to the sponsor, but it’s hard to decide which side is right and which side is wrong.”

In the end, Kang Daniel apologized to both CJ ENM and Coca-Cola on November 14th. On the same day, CJ ENM also said, “We’ve reached an agreement with Coca-Cola”, adding “However, the details of the agreement cannot be revealed”. Coca-Cola did not release any position in response.

Source: Nate

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