4 reasons why Korean & International fans usually argue with each other

Let’s take a closer look at some differences between 2 main fandoms of Hallyu.

We have to admit that nobody and nothing can satisfy everyone of the majority, especially those who are in Kpop fandoms. However, we still have the right to figure out why the majority always have such many different and contrary opinions like that. A post on Reddit forum has showed some reasons that make Kpop fans in Korean and around the world always have different points of views about idols as well as their incidents.

1. “Oppayah~~~”

4 reasons why Korean & International fans usually argue with each other

Does it sound familiar to you? The first reason mentioned in the post is fans’ different reactions toward aegyo culture (cute/childish expression or gestures). Korean fans think that idols (especially female ones) need to have aegyo so that they can easily attract audiences’ attention. If an idol who is aged but can do aegyo well, she will be considered as a perfect idol (?!). In contrast, international fans are not really interested in this culture. Many people think forcing idols to have aegyo is a stupid action because nobody has the right to ask others to be cute or childish if they don’t want to.

To be more specific, this is a controversy about idols’ attitudes toward their fans’ demands. They have to do what their fans want to satisfy them, or keep and maintain their own styles as well as original personalities.

2. Their preference in Ballad music

Language barrier is the biggest reason why many international Kpop fans don’t like Ballad music. Instead, they prefer pop, hip hop, R&B, … because those types of music are addictive, have climax and their dances are easy to be covered. To Korean people, depending on their mood, songs’ meaning as well as…seasons, they listen to different kinds of music. It seems that Korean fans love both ballad and other addictive music genres equally.

3. The way they define an idol group

4 reasons why Korean & International fans usually argue with each other

In most Korean fans’ opinions, firstly, idol groups have to be beautiful young adults who are active and able to attract others’ attention. Following factors must include being talented, stylish, and have a clear direction in music.
On the other hand, the word “idol” seems to be a very big word to international fans because they believe that only those who are talented, beautiful and have unique personalities do deserve to be called as others’ “idols”.

4. Their love for boygroups vs girlgroups

It’s heartbreaking but true, Korean fans always show their support towards boygroups more than girlgroups. It’s simply because members of boygroups’ fandoms are mostly female who are willing to do everything for their beloved idols. Meanwhile, girlgroups’ fandoms seem to be weaker in terms of both quality and quantity.

4 reasons why Korean & International fans usually argue with each other

To international fans, as they only contact with their idols via computer screens, newspapers, media, broadcast…, they have equal points of view towards boygroups as well as girlgroups. As long as they care for and support their idols, they will surely be the most loyal fans (though they just can support remotely).

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