3 Korean actresses who always star in tragic K-dramas: Kim Tae Ri is not the worst 

These Korean actresses can be called “queens of tragedy” since their works never have happy endings. 

Tragic K-dramas always manage to make a lasting impression. As a result, these 3 Korean actresses have made a permanent mark in the audience’s heart by always acting in the saddest works. 

1. Kim Tae Ri 

It is safe to say that none of Kim Tae Ri’s characters lead a happy life. Despite having starred in only 2 K-dramas, Kim Tae Ri managed to get a sad ending every time. Her first work “Mr. Sunshine” was a notorious case, with 4 out of 5 characters in the main cast dying, leaving only Tae Ri’s character alive. And recently, “Twenty Five, Twenty One” also ended with a tragic breakup, where Kim Tae Ri’s character seemed unable to move on. 

2. Kim Go Eun

Similar to Kim Tae Ri, Kim Go Eun also seems to have a feud with happy endings. In particular, out of 4 K-dramas this actress starred in, 3 ended on a bitter note. “Cheese In The Trap”, aka Go Eun’s first venture on the small screen, enraged viewers when the actress ended up alone and miserable by the end, while still waiting for a word from her lover. “Goblin” was no better either, as Go Eun’s character was an orphan ostracized by society, who continuously lost everything she held dear. 

3. IU

Having debuted as an idol, yet IU constantly challenges herself with tough and tragic roles. Her 2016 K-drama “Moon Lovers”, for instance, is probably the most tragic series of all time, with most of the cast dying, and the female lead breaking down when she got back to the present. In “My Mister”, IU played Lee Ji An – a struggling woman who barely scraped by with her outstanding debts. Finally, in “Hotel del Luna”, IU continued to suffer as she transformed into a lingering spirit filled with hatred and unable to stay beside people she loved. 

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