Baeksang heralds a fierce competition for Best Actor/Best Actress by releasing the list of nominations

The 59th Baeksang Arts Awards has finally revealed the list of nominations for the Television, Film and Theater categories.

On April 7th, the Baeksang Arts Awards opened its official website and announced the final nominees of the three categories, Television, Film, and Theater, with outstanding performances over the past year.


Since a large amount of amazing content poured out from various channels and platforms throughout the year, Baeksang selected the nominees through a strict screening process.

In the case of awards for entertainment programs, the judging criteria have expanded to include web entertainment content, including not only entertainment programs broadcasted on TV and OTT platforms but also web content created by individual creators, in line with the changing viewing patterns of platform environments and content enjoyed by viewers.

With so many good contents joining the competition this year, Baeksang was able to select a splendid lineup of nominees, including remarkable works that no one can deny and stars that made hot topics over the past year.

In particular, the Best Actor and Best Actress (Television) nominations are arousing the most attention.

Nominees for Best Actor are Son Seok Gu (JTBC’s “My Liberation Notes”), Lee Byung Hun (tvN’s “Our Blues”), Lee Sung Min (JTBC’s “Reborn Rich”), Jung Kyung Ho (tvN’s “Crash Course in Romance”), and Choi Min Sik (Disney+’s “Big Bet”). 


In the Best Actress category, Kim Ji Won (JTBC’s “My Liberation Notes”), Kim Hye Soo (tvN’s “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”), Park Eun Bin (ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”), Song Hye Kyo (Netflix’s “The Glory”) and Suzy (Coupang Play’s “Anna”) were named.


As all of the mentioned works and actors received explosive attention and love from viewers, the competition is expected to be fierce. 

In fact, netizens are predicting a neck-and-neck race between “The Glory” Song Hye Kyo and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Park Eun Bin for Best Actress.


In addition, nominees for Best Supporting Actor/Actress and Best Actor/Actress include many actors who performed passionately in the two biggest hits “The Glory” and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, making fans consider the possibility of “joint” awards.

Many viewers have also guessed an intense battle between entertainment programs because impressive shows, such as “Earth Arcade” (tvN), “Psick University”, “Physical: 100” (Netflix), “Transit Love 2” (TVing) and “SNL Korea 3” (Coupang Play), were announced as nominees.


The 59th Baeksang Arts Awards, the only comprehensive arts awards ceremony in Korea that gives awards to Television, Film, and Theater productions, will be aired simultaneously on JTBC, JTBC2, and JTBC4 and streamed online through TikTok at 5:30 p.m on April 28th.

Source: Insight 

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