2NE1 Dara Revealed Why YG and SM Artists Couldn’t Make Friend

Dara (2NE1) shared about how artists from SM and YG find it difficult to become friends

Recently, Dara, the former member of the legendary YG girl group 2NE1, became a special guest on episode 12 of Kim Jae Joong‘s show “Jae’s Friends.” Both of them are members of the leading K-pop Gen 2 groups, 2NE1 and DBSK, but they belong to rival entertainment companies, SM and YG.

That day, Kim Jae Joong talked about their relationship: “Fans are very curious about how we became friends. We got to know each other through a drama, but apart from that, artists from YG and SM don’t really know each other.” Immediately, Dara added, “We can’t say we are friends. And if we happen to cross paths, we’ll be careful about whether to greet each other or not.”

Dara (2NE1) revealed that even though they are friends, it’s difficult for artists from SM and YG to open up about it.

Dara affirmed that she is now closer to SM artists, but she also revealed that in the past, they couldn’t be too close because they were always competing for the top position: “Back then, we didn’t hate each other, but we couldn’t be too fond of each other because SNSD (Girls’ Generation) would always be our competitors.”

Nevertheless, the artists always envy their colleagues at the rival company. Kim Jae Joong shared, “We always envy YG artists. We want to do music like YG.”


In response, Dara also admitted, “We envy SM artists as well. I’m close to Super Junior Donghae, and he once said that they had made too many comebacks, but I would respond, ‘I wish we could make as many comebacks as you.'”

Dara mentioned the pressure of being compared to SM artists: “We had won many awards at that time, so we couldn’t even shed tears. That’s why we were criticized for not crying like SM artists. However, we would cry after coming off the stage.”

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