Yuzuru Hanyu’s Ex-Wife May Receive 1.3 Million USD After Divorce?

After 3 months of marriage, Yuzuru Hanyu’s ex-wife may receive 1.3 million USD from the ice-skating star

On December 8, Yahoo Japan reported that former ice-skater Yuruzu Hanyu may have to pay his ex-wife 200 million yen (approx 1.3 million USD) after being married for just 105 days. 

As this sum of money is rather substantial for such a short marriage, the public is now questioning whether there were disputes between Yuzuru Hanyu and his ex-wife.

Yuruzu Hanyu’s ex-wife may receive a significant amount of money after divorce with the star former athlete

Meanwhile, Japanese media site Sponichi reported on the current situation of the “prince of figure skating” after the divorce, stating that Yuzuru Hanyu is still saddened by the failed marriage.

Yuzuru Hanyu is halting his activities after his divorce 
Yuzuru Hanyu is halting his activities after his divorce 

Since announcing their separation in mid-November, he has canceled numerous performance schedules. Yuzuru Hanyu also avoids public appearances and the media, likely in fear of questions related to his private life.

Earlier on November 22nd, Yuzuru Hanyu’s grandmother shared with the media that her grandson had experienced a breakdown and loss of appetite after the relationship ended.

Meanwhile, Yuzuru Hanyu unexpectedly announced his marriage in August. However, on November 17th, the former athlete surprised everyone by declaring a divorce, explaining that such a decision was made in lieu of excessive misinformation, scrutiny, and privacy violation targeting his wife. 

Nevertheless, Japanese media claimed that the real reason for the breakup was the lack of harmony between Yuzuru Hanyu’s mother and his former wife. From the beginning, the  mother opposed her son’s marriage, only for the former athlete to insist on marriage. As a result, there was a certain distance between Yuzuru Hanyu’s mother and daughter-in-law. The wife also tried to reconcile with her husband’s family but was unsuccessful.

In the end, Yuzuru Hanyu’s former wife, who was exhausted and in pain, filed for divorce, these media sites stated. Some sources even claimed that the couple already had their first child.

Yuzuru Hanyu
The short-lived marriage of Yuzuru Hanyu sparked heated discussion

Yuzuru Hanyu is a Japanese figure skating prodigy. Thanks to his talent, he reached the pinnacle of his career, winning two Olympic championships. He also garnered a large female fan base due to his handsome appearance, delicate demeanor, and mesmerizing figure skating performances.

Despite his illustrious reputation, Yuzuru Hanyu lives a very private life off the ice. Information about his ex-wife remains a mystery. However, according to many Japanese news sources, Yuzuru Hanyu’s wife is Suenobu Mayuko, a professional violinist eight years his senior. Of course, none of these speculations were confirmed by involved parties. 

Japanese media suggests that Suenobu Mayuko is the mysterious wife of Yuzuru Hanyu
Japanese media suggests that Suenobu Mayuko is the mysterious wife of Yuzuru Hanyu

Sources: Yahoo Japan, Sponichi

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