YouTuber revealed personal information of the woman who blackmailed Lee Sun-kyun “We are waiting for tip-offs”

On Dec 30th, a post was uploaded on the community of the YouTube channel “Caracula Crime Lab”, stating, “We are waiting for tip-offs from those who were deceived, threatened as well as witnessed child abuse by the single mother Park OO (born in 1995, from Wonju), who resides in the same apartment as Good Place’s Madam Kim Nam-hee, claiming to be a hacker and engaging in extortion.”

Caracula Crime Lab Lee Sun Kyun

Caracula shared 3 unblurred face photos of Park, including her name and age.

According to Kukmin Ilbo on Dec 28th, Park was revealed to have defrauded other men of hundreds of millions of won under the pretext of being pregnant.

After meeting with other men she came to know through a society app mainly used by office workers, Park received money for reasons such as “I’m pregnant, and I need money for an abortion surgery” and “For the child to be born safely, hospital treatment is necessary“.

Park was arrested on Dec 28th on charges of extorting money from actor Lee Sun-kyun, who was under investigation for allegations of drug use. Lee Sun-kyun reportedly urgently raised cash through acquaintances and delivered 300 million won to the adult entertainment establishment head Kim and 50 million won to Park.

The Incheon District Court conducted a substantive review of the arrest warrant for Park and issued an arrest warrant, stating, “There is a concern that she may flee or destroy evidence.”

Previously, YouTuber Lee Jin-ho uploaded a video titled “Who Leaked It?” through his channel. In the video, he revealed the threatening messages Park sent to the late Lee Sun-kyun.

Lee Sun-kyun, who was under police investigation for alleged drug use, was found dead in a car near Waryong Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Dec 27th. He reportedly left a note apologizing to his family.

Source: Nate

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