“You’ll never regret it,” Kep1er cheers on their younger brothers “BOYS PLANET”

Amid the hot support around the world for the Mnet survival audition “BOYS PLANET,” girl group Kep1er delivered their support to the applicants.

Kep1er, who debuted last year through Mnet’s global girl group project “Girls Planet 999,” said, “Girls Planet 999 was a turning point in our lives.” They told the applicants of “BOYS PLANET,” “If you want to do it, just do it. You will never regret it,” cheering for all applicants who are challenging toward their dreams. In particular, the girl group stressed that they should not miss the opportunity to debut, saying, “We should not miss the opportunity to let the public know about us.” 

Kep1er members then revealed their audition know-how to the applicants who will appear on “BOYS PLANET.” They emphasized, “You need to show your burning will,” and “You should show your passion and willingness for K-POP with the desire for this program.” They also said, “It will also be an appeal to show your confidence in making the debut line-up after moving to the dorm.”

Meanwhile, music channel Mnet will launch a new global debut project “BOYS PLANET” in the first half of next year to find a boy group that will be active around the world following global K-pop girl group Kep1er. If selected as the final debut group, the final line-up’s debut will be confirmed in 2023.

Regardless of nationality, male contestants born before January 1st, 2010 can apply. This is not only limited to individual trainees, but also those who have a current agency or have made their debut in the past can apply. The registration period is until 23:59 on August 21st (Sun).

Producer Kim Shin-young, who directed Mnet’s “BOYS PLANET,” said, “The number of applicants for ‘BOYS PLANET’ has increased significantly compared to ‘GIRLS PLANET’ due to the global popularity of ‘GIRLS PLANET’ and the success of its debut group Kep1er. As we are receiving attention from many people, we are thoroughly preparing for the program, so we look forward to your support for these talented boys around the world.”

Source: daum

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