Yoona immersed in “King the Land”, “I feel like I worked as a hotelier for real”

Girls’ Generation member and actress Yoona showed deep immersion her latest work, JTBC’s “King the Land”

On December 7, a video titled “YOONA IN CZECHIA” was published on the official YouTube channel of Yoona, “Yoona’s So Wonderful Day”.

The video captures Yoona’s natural appearance during her visit to the Czech Republic for filming.

im yoon ah

Notably, when she was on the plane back to Korea, Yoona shared her thoughts about how she felt different after filming “King the Land”.

In particular, the female idol said, “After shooting ‘King the land’, I feel different when I meet the employees at a hotel, on an airplane, and in a duty-free shop. I feel different from before. I feel friendly somehow. I feel like I worked as a hotelier for real.”

“It was very hard in Europe, but it was still so fun”, Yoona also said, before talking about her plans on the plane and waving goodbye to fans.

Meanwhile, in the K-drama “King the Land” which concluded in August, Yoona assumed the role of Cheon Sa-rang, an outstanding hotelier at the luxurious King Hotel, delivering a compelling performance.

Source: Daum

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