Yoona charms viewers on Shindong’s WELD with grace and beauty 

Yoona’s beauty shone through with her latest show appearance. 

Recently, the cast of “King the Land” appeared on Shindong’s WELD to promote the series. At the show, members of the cast joined in a variety of games and shared interesting facts about the drama. 

Yoona became the talk of the town for her stunning, youthful visuals and grace. These are some photos of the actress on the show: 

im yoon ah

In “King the Land,” Yoona plays Cheon Sa Rang, a hotelier who does her best at work and always keeps a smile no matter the situation. She works at the King Hotel, where she meets Gu Won (Lee Jun Ho), the head general manager and heir of the King Group. 

im yoon ah

Yoona and Lee Jun Ho’s on- and off-screen chemistry is also the talk of the town. After 10 episodes, the main couple developed a mutual feeling and kept audiences glued to their seats with their wonderful romance. 

“King the Land” airs every Saturday and Sunday on JTBC and Netflix. 

Source: k14 

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