“Yoo Jae Suk is like a mother, teacher, and older brother, who nags a lot”, said Lee Mijoo 

Lee Mijoo described Yoo Jae Suk as a figure like a mother, teacher, and older brother, who’s always nagging her.

On May 11th, a video titled “I’ll focus on ‘Idol Lee Mijoo’ rather than studying… an interview with constant giggles [Showterview with Sunmi]” was released on the YouTube channel Mobidic.

Here, Lee Mijoo clarified the story behind her nickname, “Goddess of Okcheon”, saying, “It was posted online, ‘Mijoo was the Goddess of Okcheon’ by some unknown person. I’ve never said I was the Goddess before, just some unknown person posted it. But people say I’m the one who started the rumor, but it’s not.”


Meanwhile, Sunmi admired Mijoo’s middle school photo and said, “But I see why you were called the Goddess”. In response, Mijoo made people laugh by saying, “Actually, I kind of built a positive image”, and confessed that she had considered debuting even before she became a trainee.

Mijoo then revealed that her family was against Mijoo becoming a celebrity. “They were severely against it”, the female idol said, adding, “Because my dad was a teacher from a family of educators. My parents were like ‘What celebrity? Just keep studying!’ They kept telling me to study but… Dunno if I didn’t study or if the study failed me. Anyway, that was the end of our relationship.”

Mijoo, who became a trainee at the age of 20, debuted in Seoul after a year and a half. According to the female idol, she had a hard time as a trainee, and had doubts about whether she could survive. However, when Mijoo called her mom, she was cursed at, and reminded herself that such a life was her own choice. She eventually put up with it and made her debut. 

Sunmi then recalled about Mijoo’s former group, Lovelyz, which debuted in 2014, and said, “What I do remember about Lovelyz is, probably it was on Korea Music Festival. I saw Lovelyz appear, and I saw… You have a different kind of talent from others.”


Meanwhile, Mijoo revealed that during practice, the director kept telling her to lessen her moves, and that she was “trapped in a pure concept” and had “a lot of restrictions on moves”.

Over time, girl group member Lee Mijoo has gradually become a unique presence in the entertainment scene. When asked about her secret, Mijoo replied that she has loved watching entertainment shows since childhood, that she enjoys having fun with people, and that she never considered entertainment as work.

Mijoo has been working with Yoo Jae Suk through “Sixth Sense”, “Hangout with Yoo”,  and many more TV programs. As a result, she described Yoo Jae Suk as a mother figure, a teacher sometimes, and sometimes like her brother. She also learns a lot from the “national MC” and asks him various questions.

Finally, when Sunmi asked if Jae Suk nagged a lot, Mijoo recalled that the MC would tell her to eat, to read, to study, and has a “typical sour face” when he nags. She also added that she has been hearing his naggings for ages. 

Source: Naver

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