Yoo Ah In’s drug scandal? The reality is more terrible

The danger of illegal drugs is no longer the case of celebrities, it is now spreading to normal people, including teenagers.

Actor Yoo Ah In is being investigated by the police on charges of habitually administering propofol and has been banned from leaving the country since February 8th. Due to this shocking issue, his upcoming acting projects, which are drawing high expectations from viewers, are facing a crisis. From Netflix’s movie “The Match” to “Hi.5” and the drama “Goodbye Earth”, it is unknown when they will premiere or whether they will be released or not. 

Yoo Ah-in

When Yoo Ah In’s drug scandal broke out, the public began to suspect the reality that drugs are no longer the case of some problematic celebrities but they are approaching the daily life of ordinary people like us, our beloved family and acquaintances.

Drug news from celebrities who frequently appear on broadcasts and portal sites

After iKON reached their heyday with the megahit song “LOVE SCENARIO” in 2018, former leader B.I, known as a genius producer and songwriter, was involved in a drug scandal in 2019. He withdrew from the group and terminated his contract with YG. Later, B.I was sentenced to 4 years in suspended jail and 4 years of probation. Spending nearly two years for self-reflection, B.I resumed his activities by releasing albums and performing concerts.

Don Spike, the music director of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics was also arrested by the police for possessing and administering methamphetamine at a hotel in Seoul. He was then sentenced to three years in prison and 5 years of probation. 

Yoo Ah In

In addition, many famous rappers have been caught smoking marijuana, from “Show Me The Money” contestant Killagramz to C JAMM, and BTOB member Jung Il Hoon.

Even veteran actor Ha Jung Woo, known as the youngest ‘100 million actor’, was also controversial due to Propofol allegations. However, he was not imprisoned but fined 30 million won. The actor recently returned through Netflix’s drama “Narco-Saints”.

Ha Jung-woo 27th BIFF

Drugs are approaching teenagers through clever ways of purchasing

In fact, looking at celebrities’ drug cases, it is true that taking drugs is like the story of some famous celebrities and hip-hop musicians who are likely to be “night owls”. Drugs that are widely known to the general public are cannabis, methamphetamine, cocaine, and propofol, which have been frequently encountered in news, movies, and dramas. However, new drugs have recently been introduced and ruined people’s lives with deadly addiction.

In the 2020s, “Fentanyl” is a representative drug that is spreading rapidly in Korea. Fentanyl is a narcotic pain reliever developed for terminal cancer patients, patients with complex regional pain syndrome, and patients with major surgery. However, this means that the drug can be easily obtained from a pharmacy by anyone with a doctor’s diagnosis. In other words, the cumbersome and difficult drug purchase process has been greatly shortened.


A bigger problem is that fentanyl, a narcotic pain reliever with rapid addiction and hallucinatory symptoms, is rapidly spreading among teenagers. In fact, teenagers who are addicted to fentanyl share how to get a prescription for fentanyl through messengers or hospitals that easily prescribe fentanyl. If fentanyl can be obtained, they are not afraid to travel to areas far from their home, and there are even people or groups who make profit by selling fentanyl at a price that is more than 10 times higher than the actual price.

It is a big problem that the types of drugs are gradually diversifying and the age of drug use is getting lower, but the fact that drug trafficking methods are becoming more sophisticated is also making it difficult for police and prosecutors to investigate drugs. Recently, drug buyers authenticate themselves online and order drugs from managers. After confirming the buyer’s identity, the manager instructs a sub-employee (or organization) called a “dropper” to secretly deliver the drugs to a specific location. 

If the buyer pays the manager and retrieves the drug delivered by the dropper at a specific time, the buyer can purchase the desired drug without meeting the manager and the dropper in person. Even if a person who purchases and uses drugs is caught by the police, the buyer will not know the information of the manager or the dropper. Of course, it is possible to punish drug users, but it means that it is very difficult to root out drug organizations by finding managers or droppers through them. 

Government Declares “2023 War on Drugs”

In 2018, the Korean film “Believer” (based on Johnnie To’s 2013 film “Drug War”) was released, attracting 5.1 million viewers nationwide. The film depicts a confrontation between the police and drug gangs, and here, everyone who gets involved with the boss of a drug organization ends up dying, showing clearly the dangers of drugs to the audience. The image of Korea as a “drug-free country” was strongly established, however, the reality is that drugs are beginning to threaten lives little by little. Now, Korea has become a country vulnerable to drugs to the extent that teenagers can buy narcotic painkillers at pharmacies with just a doctor’s prescription.

drug war

On February 7th, the government announced 20 key national tasks and included “restoration of drug-free country status” in the social field. This means that the government is taking the drug problem very seriously. However, what is more important than the government’s crackdown is its people’s practice and vigilance. If everyone has the habit of staying away from drugs, the recovery of Korea as a “drug-free country” will be realized. 

Source: Daum

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