Yoo Ah In showed symptoms of drug use since “I Live Alone” appearance? 

As actor Yoo Ah In (real name Uhm Hong Shik) is under investigation for drug use, his past activities are being re-examined.

Recently, in various online communities, Yoo Ah In‘s appearance on a June 2020 episode of  MBC’s “I Live Alone”, has once again become a hot topic.

On this day’s broadcast, Yoo Ah In spent his daily life with a dazed expression.

Yoo Ah In

During the interview, he showed a unique trembling voice and awkward gestures.

At the time, this was considered a part of Yoo Ah In’s characteristic personality, but with his recent drug controversies, netizens speculated that this behavior is a symptom of drug use.

Yoo Ah In

In addition, the same episode showed Yoo Ah In going up and down the floor of his house. The actor later ended up excessively out of breath and gasping – which is suspected as another symptom of drug use.

Yoo Ah In

Against this accusation, netizens show mixed responses. They left comments such as, “It could be because he’s climbing the stairs”, “You guys are just thinking that after the drug scandal”, and “I think his physical strength plummeted due to taking drug.”

On the other hand, Yoo Ah In was found to have used psychoactive drug propofol 100 times habitually, leading to him being banned from leaving the country and his body samples being collected for analysis. Later on, it was reported that the actor tested positive for propofol, marijuana, ketamine, and cocaine.

The police are estimating that Yoo Ah In has been taking these drugs for about two years.

Source: Insight 

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