YG’s BABYMONSTER Pharita: close to BLACKPINK Lisa, as talented as 2NE1 Park Bom?

The 2nd Thai member of YG’s next girl group BABYMONSTER, Pharita, draws attention with her unique voice. 

On February 2nd, YG revealed the 6th member of its upcoming girl group BABYMONSTER. In particular, the member in question is the 17-year-old Pharita, who comes from Thailand, and boasts an outstanding vocal performance that raises expectations. 


While her video introduction doesn’t include any fancy edit and is in black-and-white, Pharita still manages to impress with her varied facial expression and visuals resembling Park Bom when 2NE1 just debuted. 

Park Bom

Pre-debut information of Pharita also started to be “uncovered” by netizens. It is known that before joining YG, the BABYMONSTER member was a famous child model in Thailand. In photos of her model days, Pharita can be seen donning various brand-name items and doing catwalks like a true professional. 

In addition, it is said Pharita is a huge fan of BLACKPINK Lisa, who also has a good relationship with her senior. She was spotted dining with Lisa and fellow BABYMONSTER member Canny, and used to send balloons to Lisa’s mother at a concert to show her love for Lisa. 

Pharita Chaikong

As Pharita is 17 years old, she also receives huge support from international fans, who believe that she is not too young, unlike several other members of BABYMONSTER, who are still in middle school. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Every member of this group is seriously talented. I wonder where YG keep getting these vocalists with unique voices from…
  • Wow she reminds me of Park Bom, such beautiful vocal color and powerful voice 
  • I am going to support the two Thai members. Their photo with Lisa is so cute 
  • BABYMONSTER is the right name for this group, members are either babies in age or monsters in talent…
  • 17 years old is a good age to debut! I was worrying about this group after seeing some way too young members 

Source: k14

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