YG to hold large-scale project in Gyeongsan with programs participated by YG artists & YGX

YG Entertainment is holding a project to promote popular culture to local communities

On September 13th, YG revealed, “We are planning to hold ‘Project Your Side’ at the Y-STAR Youth Creative Center in Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk-do for three days from September 21st to 23rd”.

During this event, there will be a POP-UP exhibition space where participants can experience various popular culture content from YG. It includes an album zone where you can see real albums from YG artists, a costume zone where you can have a look at BLACKPINK’s Coachella stage outfits, and a photo zone for you to make a special memory with YG’s representative character Krunk.

In particular, the poster zone will display not only images of artists but also special posters by ‘special designers’ with developmental disabilities from KIMMU STUDIO.

In addition, YG will hold an audition and audition special lectures (Q&A) for young people in Gyeongsan for the first time this year. There are also special programs, such as a talk concert by singer Sean and YGX’s dance workshops.

These programs are open for free and participants only need to pre-register through the page Happy Bean on Naver.

“Project Your Side” is a new social contribution activity introduced after the renewal of the “YG WITH Campaign”.  Under the new slogan “LET NOBODY BE ALONE”, the project is designed to actively share the experience and opportunities of popular culture contents concentrated in the metropolitan area with local communities.

In recognition of these efforts, the project received the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Award for Cultural City Promotion at the 2023 Cultural City Expo and International Conference.

Meanwhile, starting with “YG WITH Campaign” in 2019, YG has been spreading good influence by being the leader in sharing culture through large and small donations, continuous volunteer activities, and projects that contribute to society.

Source: Wikitree

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