YG rapper “went missing” after being last seen in Los Angeles in 2010

A former rapper-producer under YG Entertainment who disappeared without a trace a decade ago is being re-examined

Recently, a post titled “YG composer who has been missing for 10 years” was uploaded on various online communities.

The protagonist of this post is American rapper-producer PERRY. PERRY gained recognition when he participated as a rapper-producer in YG Family’s first album in 1999. Afterwards, he continued his relationship with YG by participating as the main producer in group Jinusean’s third album released in 2001.

However, PERRY’s happiness was short-lived. He participated in all of YG’s early albums, but his influence began to diminish as Teddy, a former member of the group “1TYM”, transitioned into a producer. Teddy’s songs were increasingly selected as title tracks over PERRY’s.

Then, in 2010, PERRY’s whereabouts became a mystery after his participation in writing and composing the song “Beautiful Hangover” for group Big Bang’s Japanese album. His traces in Korea and abroad disappeared when his exclusive contract with YG expired in 2015.

PERRY’s family claims that he went missing after being last seen in Los Angeles in 2010. They reported his disappearance locally, but as of 2023, his whereabouts remain mysterious.

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Some speculate that he disappeared due to a conflict with YG. Before PERRY’s disappearance, the music trend in Korea was shifting towards idol-centric music, and PERRY believed he could not make the music he wanted at YG, leading him to disappear.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility that PERRY may be living somewhere on his own after cutting ties with his family. There have been claims from a Guam podcast host that they personally drove PERRY to his apartment.

Currently, PERRY’s family is tracking his whereabouts through SNS channels.

Netizens left comments such as “His family is desperately looking for him on SNS“, “I thought he was just inactive, but he was really missing“, “This is so scary“, “It must be frustrating for his family, too“…

Source: Wikitree

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