YG is slammed with criticism for choosing low-quality venue for the “BORN PINK” concert in Thailand the day before the concert 

The released photos of the scene receive negative responses from the international community. 

While the D-day is near for the “BORN PINK” concert to take place in Bangkok, Thailand, Lisa’s (BLACKPINK) home country, fans are voicing their complaint about the chosen venue, the Suphachalasai National Stadium. 

Suphachalasai stadium
Overview of the Suphachalasai Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, where the “BORN PINK” concert took place 
Suphachalasai stadium
The outside of the stadium has been prepared for the concert 

According to Thai netizens, the Stadium has lowered in quality and is not fit to hold the “BORN PINK” concert. Moreover, as Thailand is Lisa’s home, this choice of venue does not meet the expectations. In addition, the main stage is said to be far from the audience area and not as “grand” as the stages for the previous concert nights in Europe. 

Suphachalasai stadium
The poor quality of the surface of the Suphachalasai stadium 
blackpink concert stadium
… is also compared to that of other stadiums 
blackpink concert
The high-quality stages of the previous “BORN PINK” concert 

Moreover, YG Entertainment is being criticized for opening a surprise ticket sale for additional seats near the BLACKPINK concert that only have limited visibility of the main stage. 

blackpink thailand concert
The additional seating area opened right before the concert is confirmed to be blocked in visibility 

BLACKPINK’s appearance, including that of Lisa, in Thailand has been building anticipation for domestic and foreign fans. However, it is the preparation that is receiving negative responses although the concert date is approaching near 

Source: K14

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