A beautiful moving story, welcome back, KARA!

KARA has returned splendidly. KARA made a comeback after seven and a half years, showing off their presence as the Queens of Hallyu.

KARA (Park Gyu Ri, Han Seung Yeon, Nicole, Kang Ji Young, and Heo Young Ji) released their special album “MOVE AGAIN” on Nov 29th.

“MOVE AGAIN” is a full-team album prepared by KARA, who recently celebrate their 15th anniversary, for fans who have always shown them unwavering love and support. As this is their first full-team comeback after a long time, the members take the lead in the overall preparation, including song composing and album production, to reflect KARA’s color.


The title song “WHEN I MOVE” boasts a millennial-style arrangement, and KARA’s powerful vocals are added to the strong rhythm, giving the track a highly addictive quality. In commemoration of the 15th anniversary of their debut, KARA as a whole group have conquered many records at the same time as their comeback.

Immediately after the album is released, “WHEN I MOVE” topped the Bugs real-time and daily charts, a major music site in Korea. The song remains at the top of the real-time charts of Bugs, Melon, Genie, and Flo.


In addition to the title song, all songs on the album, including “Happy Hour,” “Shout It Out,” and “Oxygen,” have settled at the top, proving the public’s keen interest in them.

KARA, well known as the “Queens of Korean Wave,” also showed off their dignity by doing well on overseas charts. “WHEN I MOVE” was also ranked at the top of the Japanese iTunes K-pop song chart, album chart, and music video chart.


KARA recently recalled K-Pop fans’ memories of 2nd Generation idols through the “2022 MAMA AWARDS” stage. The group made headlines by performing a medley of their hit songs with “WHEN I MOVE.” In particular, after the stage, KARA’s all-time hits such as “Lupin,” “STEP,” and “Mister” are rising back on domestic music charts.

KARA presented powerful and bright performances through KBS2’s “Music Bank”, MBC’s “Show! Music Core”, SBS’ “Inkigayo”. KARA added their multicolor to their individual and pair choreographies, which have been strengthened by their experience, as well as their relaxed stage manners.

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The members shared their thoughts on the comeback through SNS. Han Seung Yeon said, “A week that’s like a lie. I had a happy time that I’ll never forget. Can it be this perfect? Kamilia, who stayed with us wholeheartedly for a short period of time, I love you so much. And thank all the broadcasting company staff who welcomed us with warmth! Our proudest members in the world, let’s rock the stage beautifully until the end!!!!!!”

Nicole confessed, “I can’t express it in words, but I’m so grateful that I can meet you again as KARA after almost 10 years. I’m able to receive so much love and have happy times thanks to Kamilia.”


Kang Ji Young boasted, “It’s been 9 years since I came back to KARA! It’s amazing, right? Even though I felt the passing of time, it felt like just yesterday that I was singing and dancing on stage with the members. This album was released, so I think it’ll be a precious treasure for me. There’s no place where the members can’t reach!”

She added, “Today is also a happy day as I received great love from you. I’m not the only one who doesn’t want this week and every moment to end, right? Thank you very much.”

The return of KARA, who stood in front of fans as a whole after 7 and a half years, is awakening many people’s excitement. It brings memories and nostalgia to some, and fresh curiosity to those who are new to KARA. It is just nice to see the comeback of KARA, which is showing the movement of a second-generation legend to the extent that their hiatus is overshadowed.

Source: MK Sports

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