YG Entertainment to hold concerts for artists in second half of 2022, leading to rising stock prices

Financial securities firm predicts an upward trend for YG stocks, following concert announcements and the upcoming return of BLACKPINK

According to SK Securities, the stock price of YG Entertainment may rise from 48,350 won per stock to 70,000 won in the later half of the year. The analysis firm also cited the upcoming Japan tours of YG artists, such as iKON and TREASURE, as contributing reasons. 


Nam Hyo Ji, a researcher at SK Securities, said: “In the second quarter of 2022, YG sales fell 0.7% year-on-year to 83.1 billion won, operating profit to 6 billion won, and net profit to 4.6 billion won. This figure reflected iKON albums, and the online concert of WINNER and iKON.” He then explained: “Since there were few artist activities in the first half, total album sales were low and it is time to prepare for a leap forward in the second half.”

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However, chances are high that YG stocks will increase in the second half. “BLACKPINK is expected to hold a large-scale world tour from the fourth quarter after the release of a full album in the third quarter,” the research said. “Recently, more than 1.3 million copies of BLACKPINK’s ‘The Album’ were sold and more sales are reported every quarter.”


In addition to BLACKPINK, iKON and Treasure also announced their Japan tours, which are scheduled starting the second half of the year, which may lead to an upward trend.  “Artist activities will become more concentrated in the second half, and YG Entertainment’s performance during the rest of the year is looking positive”, Nam Hyo Ji concluded. 

Source: MTNews

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