YG always fails to keep its promises: canceled an entire promotion schedule with no announcement. 

The sudden change in plans of YG Entertainment is making fans angry. 

The b-side song “Darari” from TREASURE’s new album “The Second Step: Chapter One” is going so viral across the net that YG Entertainment announced plans to promote it during April. 

At this news, the excitement of TREASURE MAKERs (fandom of TREASURE) went through the roof, highly anticipating a teaser or any scrap of the upcoming promotion. 

Darari’s dance practice video. 

Only for everything to come to naught, as group member Hyun Suk recently announced via a fancall event that all promotions for Darari on music shows were canceled. Haruto, another member, also shared that while the group finished filming for the MV, he didn’t know when it would be released. 

Two members of TREASURE had to tell fans themselves about the canceled schedules. 

The sudden cancellation left fans enraged at YG Entertainment’s irresponsibility, and the fact that YG didn’t make any official announcement, leaving the idols to tell fans themselve, made TREASURE MAKERs even angrier. Some of them also lamented that YG was missing out on a huge opportunity for not promoting “Darari” when the song went viral. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • Seriously speechless at YG. I can deal with the canceled promotions, but doesn’t the company at least have to say something instead of letting their idols deal with it?
  • It’s such a pity… Darari needs to have its own MV since it’s such a good song 
  • Darari is literally all over TikTok but gets no promotion… I don’t know what’s wrong with YG
  • They filmed the MV but didn’t release it… If they are going to be so unprofessional like this, then don’t make promises in the first place. 
Netizens are greatly disappointed when “Darari” went unpromoted.
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