Yang Se-jong in talks to work with Suzy in the new drama “Lee Doo-na!”

Yang Se-jong has been cast to play the male lead in Netflix’s new series “Lee Doo-na!”.

Actor Yang Se-jong is considering making a comeback on the small screen. Through a phone conversation with Dispatch on April 20th, Blossom Entertainment said, “Yang Se-jong has received an offer to appear in Netflix’s series ‘Lee Doo-na!’ (directed by Lee Jung-hyo) and is reviewing the script with a positive attitude”.

Lee Doo-na!” (working title) is based on a famous webtoon by Min Song-ah. It’s a drama that tells about the romance between Lee Doo-na, a retired idol, and college freshman Lee Won-joon. The story of “Lee Doo-na!” takes place when the two begin to live in the same shared house.

Yang Se-jong was offered the role of Lee Won-joon, who is an ordinary college student. After Won-joon meets Doo-na at the shared house, the two begin to become closer to each other.

Yang Se Jeong

Suzy has been cast to play Lee Doo-na, a girl group member who owns a perfect beauty. She suddenly announced her retirement and returned to the university to study in the Department of Theater and Film.


This drama will be directed by PD Lee Jung-hyo. Lee Jung-hyo has been recognized for his unique directing skills through “Crash Landing on You”, “Romance Is a Bonus Book”, Life on Mars”, etc. If Yang Se-jong confirms his appearance, this will be his first comeback after being discharged from the military. Yang Se-jong enlisted in April 2020 and was discharged in November last year.

Meanwhile, “Lee Doo-na!” is scheduled to begin its filming within the first half of this year after the casting is done.

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